During the start of the project I was responsible for helping create and maintain the character art pipeline. Along with the initial setup I was tasked with creating the first few characters sets that were required for our vertical slice. Once the initial set of characters were completed and working in game, I began helping the Art Director manage the character content we were receiving from our outsource providers. This included giving feedback as well as implementing the new characters into the game. Upon hiring a full-time character artist I transitioned out of characters and passed these responsibilities onto the new artist. From that point on I focused on providing feedback and troubleshooting issues as they arose.

Responsibilities Included: Initial Character Modeling, Rigging & Skinning, Basic Animations, Asset Guidelines, Game Implementation, Outsource Feedback, Model Optimization

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In Offensive Combat, creating absurd character combinations was a big part of the game. For that reason the Art Director and I needed to establish a set of rules and guidlines for creating modular character sets. These rules defined the mesh divisions, mesh socket direction, texure space, and tri count. Below is a basic example of how characters were broken down and reconfigured in various combinations.

Character MixerCharacter Guide