The Slums map was a collaboration between myself, the art director, and one other artist. As the map layout was constructed I created a library of required tiling textures/materials as well as a set of building blocks that would later be used as the basis for all of the structures in the map. After identifying which buildings would be constructed out of what materials, another artist and I began constructing all the buildings for the map. Once the building progress was far enough along I transitioned into making the props that were needed for set dressing. The lighting and FX passes were the last things I handled before passing the map off for continued testing and later additions.

Responsibilities Included: White Box Cleanup, Texture Creation, Prop Creation, Set Dressing, Lighting, Camera Settings, Task Management

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Due to the organic nature of the Ceres map, I got involved very early on in the design process in order to help speed up the creation of the white box. After the handoff from design, I was the primary map owner and started with creating the environment texture library along with a modular set of proxy building parts. All of the buildings were assigned to another artist on the team and I focused on the creation of the asteroid terrain chunks. This involved using ZBrush to build out the large forms which were then retopologized and stitched in with the uniquely mapped crater meshes.

Responsibilities Included: White Box Cleanup, Art Direction, Terrain Block-Out & Painting, Texture Creation, Proxy Creation, Set Dressing, Lighting, FX Creation, Camera Settings, Task Management

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The Trigger Mortis map was an extremely short turn-around project that was used to round out our Halloween update. Due to the expedited timeframe I was responsible for taking this map from initial layout design all the way to completion with minimal design or art support. Most of the environment was constructed from slightly modified assets pulled from existing maps. Once the bulk of the map was fleshed out and our designer signed off on the gameplay, I was able to task a few fellow artists with a small collection of props in order to complete the environment.

Responsibilities Included: Layout Design, Art Direction, Spawn and Objective Placement, Terrain Block-Out & Painting, Texturing, Prop Alterations, Set Dressing, Lighting, Playtest Organization, Camera Settings, Task Management

Trigger Mortis 1Trigger Mortis 2Trigger Mortis 3Trigger Mortis Construction

Below is a quick look at Pandamonium and Probetown. Working with a designer I was the map owner on both of these maps and handled all of the pre-production work of creating proxy assets and tasks while the rest of the environment team transitioned off of the previous maps.

Responsibilities Included: White Box Cleanup, Art Direction, Terrain Block-Out, Structure Creation, Proxy Creation, Set Dressing, Lighting, Camera Settings, Task Management

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